A unique and breath taking experience. Performed overlooking one of the most beautiful mountains. The Montserrat Mountain

The Passion Show is the most important artistic, cultural and social feature of Esparreguera. It is and ancient town located on the right bank of the Llobregat river and is the gateway to the Montserrat Natural Park. This spectacle is celebrated every Easter, between the months of  March and May. The total number of acts are nine.

An extraordinary representation that combines modern and traditional scripts.

The Passion has been inherited over the years and is a mixture of old folk tradition, connected with the 21st Century. It has survived thanks to the care and effort of the people from Esparreguera, who over the years have been adapting it to our modern age. It has been passed down from one generation to the next. That is why we are thrilled to offer this magnificent masterpiece to  all the public. This extraordinary display will captivate you, in many ways.

This show is divided in two parts:

  • First part is performed in the morning “The life of Jesus “
  • and the second part is performed in the afternoon “The passion, death and resurrection of Jesus”

One of the main features of  La Passió d’Esparreguera is its duration, unusual in today´s theatres. The show is divided in two parts: one act performed in the morning and the second act in the afternoon, with a lunch break. Each one of the performances is made of two acts, the morning performance which represents the Life of Jesus and the Afternoon act which represents his passion, death and resurrection. 

 For the more daring due to its success over the past years it has included an evening and night show which can be watched on Saturdays and includes  all four acts in one sitting. A true marathon that holds all the drama and leaves you breathless.

The music has been composed especially for our show, and is performed live with our own orchestra and choral.

But the main feature of La Passió d’Esparreguera and what makes it a masterpiece is without a doubt, the music and soundtrack. Composed especially for our show and is performed live every day by our own orchestra and choir. This also includes an impressive 700-tube organ.


Hundreds of actors. more than 40 different sceneries and a stunning stage decor.

In addition, there are almost a hundred actors with scripts, hundreds of leading actors and a large team of play righters, technicians, wardrobe design and makeup crew. All used for the 40 different scenes.Performed in the exceptional La Passió Theatre with a total capacity of 1.800 seats.

La Passió d’Esparreguera is a cultural, artistic and festive experience, unique in all of Europe.

Awarded with the La Creu de Sant Jordi in 2012 and declared of national interest in 1983, La Passió has also collaborated in solidarity programs such as La Marató of TV3 and recently with Mans Unides in fighting poverty.

La Passió d’Esparreguera is a first-class cultural, artistic and festive experience. With an amazing performance unique in Europe.

More than 7,000 spectators last regular season

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The current Passions are a logical evolution of the so-called "mysteries". The "mystery" was a dramatic medieval representation of ...


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Live music is one of the most important differentiating features of our show that allow us enter more easily ...


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The grandeur of the theater ...

The large number of actors on stage ...

The dizzying scenographic changes ...

The historical musical composition ...

... All do a unique show in Europe